99…… CWP days!

Today was/is DAY 99!!! I actually can’t quite believe I have spent almost 100 days on CWP. But the proof is here- after today’s weigh in, I have now lost a grand total of 59lbs. IMG_4923This week has been a rather lovely week- its been sunny and hot and I didn’t want to die of heat exhaustion (*mini fist pump*), I’ve been preparing for the BigFatIndianWedding™ and everything fits and is in place! Perhaps nicest of all, I have had a few lovely comments from a couple of people who have noticed my weight loss. Obviously I am losing this weight for myself, but no one said you can’t enjoy a compliment or three along the way!

Diet wise, it’s been all about the iced coffee! I went to my local Starbucks (where they know me as Pam…..don’t ask) and just asked for a cold coffee that had no added sauces or powders.

This was what I received     ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓     and by golly it was good! IMG_4916

Also some highlights of my week have included a very yummy chickpea curry served with cucumber and radish salad and some herbed chicken served with courgette ribbons.

                                           IMG_4915 IMG_4920

But of course, I couldn’t leave you lovelies without some new recipes! This week I’ve been experimenting (to be fair every meal is a bit of an experiment, but this time even more so!). A little out of character for me, but I made a (very!) simple fish pie so I could join my dad with his Father’s Day pie. It was the first time I’d made celeriac mash and it is definitely an interesting texture, I’m wondering if a ricer wouldn’t be better than the traditional masher.

Also new in the recipe directory is my vegetarian mini thali, an absolute stonker of a meal, I kept it simple as it was my first time using red lentils whilst on CWP, but I imagine lots of mini dishes can be made to make this truly special and all within plan (obvs)!

Signing off for now, happy cooking folks!

C xx

I’ve lost a hang glider!

Good evening all you good, good people!

After a busy day, I am sat nursing my glass of Pepsi Max, the back door is open, and I’m trying to ignore the bombsite that is my kitchen. It’s been a quiet week for recipes; as I mentioned in my last post, I am in full wedding (not mine!) prep mode at the moment so the kitchen has taken a backseat for a few weeks. Fear not though, I have some more meal ideas up my sleeve!

Today was a bit of a kick ass day to be honest, I went to see my lovely consultant Karen (check out her website- I’m on it!) and I am literally bursting with happiness to say I have lost 4 stone! 56lbs! That’s the equivalent of a hang glider!!

Will the rosette take me out of ketosis??
Will the rosette take me out of ketosis??
“What else made it kick ass?” I hear you cry. Well, I sashayed in for my weigh in wearing some new tapered trousers from Next (I don’t even know the last time I even THOUGHT I could fit into something from Next) and a yellow tee shirt that was a bit tight on me when I first bought it (nicely baggy on me now I am happy to report).

A pic I took when I got to my office later. Obligatory water in the corner 😉

After my little fashion moment it was all go as I headed into work. As much as I love how baggy my clothes have gotten it was nice to wear something that fit and showed off my hard work!

Speaking of hard work.. mostly this week I have been slightly lazy and keeping it simple food wise: egg and celeriac chips…turkey burgers and celeriac chips… (can you detect a theme??).

IMG_4784 IMG_4812

But I decided to branch out a little this week and move away from the chilli flakes- check out my baked egg in a pepper cup and creamy basil chicken recipes that I have added to the site. The basil chicken uses natural yoghurt instead of cream to make it just that little bit richer and I served it with courgette spaghetti (I think this might be the topic of an entirely separate post one day!).

I hope you enjoy- as always feel free to leave feedback or any questions! I have a yummy mousse to enjoy now so here’s to another successful week my lovelies, I hope to update with more happy news next week 🙂

Happy cooking folks!


Success……is this way..

Hi Folks

It’s that wonderful time of the week where I go to get weighed by the lovely Karen. This week I have been feeling rather moody, I’ve assumed it’s hormones. It has to be that or I’m surrounded by dunces…..

So, diet wise things have been ticking along nicely, I have some new recipes updated which you can find at the bottom of the recipe directory. Every time I update, I always want to write how special that particular recipe is- truth is, I really couldn’t decide!

I’m shaping up for a special persons wedding in July and this week I have really upped my water intake, I am now averaging at 4 litres a day- although I must state that you shouldn’t force yourself to drink lots of water if you are not thirsty enough and SIP DONT SWIG!

So, the news you have all (presumably) been waiting for! This week I have lost a grand total of FIVE pounds! This brings my total loss to 53lbs and I am 3lb from attaining my 4 stone rosette. The best thing was, I didn’t really need the scales to tell me I had done well- I knew I’d stuck to the plan 100% and have physically been feeling the results of this weight loss.

To anyone considering this plan – follow the link on my homepage and get started- it’s changing my life week by week.

Stay focussed and stay HAPPY

C xx


Weightloss and New Recipe!

Hello my lovelies,

I had my weekly weigh in with the lovely Karen and I’m very happy to report that I have lost 3lbs and even better my arm and thigh measurements decreased- feeling like successkid! Check out the site in my image below- strangely motivating!

Successkid IMG_4518

In other news I have a new recipe, yummy Prawn Cakes with a Chutney! I would love to be able to say that I sit here and create fabulous menu items to suit the summery weather that has deigned to make an appearance. In all fairness this dish would be perfect for an evening meal out on the patio (with a glass of sparkling water thank you!), but it was created more in a “I have 160g prawns with todays date on them and I don’t think I can handle anymore cauliflower rice!” atmosphere.

These can be made up to one day in advance and also go well as a party food item, try serving these and the devilled eggs and see if anyone guesses it’s “diet” food!

Happy cooking and thanks for reading!

C x


Welcome to the Recipe Directory

Well here we are folks, I have finally collected all my recipes and photos and put them in some sort of order.

Please take some time to read my introduction as it contains some information about my cooking methods and various not so yummy bits and pieces.

I’ll post when new recipes are available but I hope for now you will enjoy the ones I have shared and I welcome your comments and feedback!

C x