Success……is this way..

Hi Folks

It’s that wonderful time of the week where I go to get weighed by the lovely Karen. This week I have been feeling rather moody, I’ve assumed it’s hormones. It has to be that or I’m surrounded by dunces…..

So, diet wise things have been ticking along nicely, I have some new recipes updated which you can find at the bottom of the recipe directory. Every time I update, I always want to write how special that particular recipe is- truth is, I really couldn’t decide!

I’m shaping up for a special persons wedding in July and this week I have really upped my water intake, I am now averaging at 4 litres a day- although I must state that you shouldn’t force yourself to drink lots of water if you are not thirsty enough and SIP DONT SWIG!

So, the news you have all (presumably) been waiting for! This week I have lost a grand total of FIVE pounds! This brings my total loss to 53lbs and I am 3lb from attaining my 4 stone rosette. The best thing was, I didn’t really need the scales to tell me I had done well- I knew I’d stuck to the plan 100% and have physically been feeling the results of this weight loss.

To anyone considering this plan – follow the link on my homepage and get started- it’s changing my life week by week.

Stay focussed and stay HAPPY

C xx


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