I’ve lost a hang glider!

Good evening all you good, good people!

After a busy day, I am sat nursing my glass of Pepsi Max, the back door is open, and I’m trying to ignore the bombsite that is my kitchen. It’s been a quiet week for recipes; as I mentioned in my last post, I am in full wedding (not mine!) prep mode at the moment so the kitchen has taken a backseat for a few weeks. Fear not though, I have some more meal ideas up my sleeve!

Today was a bit of a kick ass day to be honest, I went to see my lovely consultant Karen (check out her website- I’m on it!) and I am literally bursting with happiness to say I have lost 4 stone! 56lbs! That’s the equivalent of a hang glider!!

Will the rosette take me out of ketosis??
Will the rosette take me out of ketosis??
“What else made it kick ass?” I hear you cry. Well, I sashayed in for my weigh in wearing some new tapered trousers from Next (I don’t even know the last time I even THOUGHT I could fit into something from Next) and a yellow tee shirt that was a bit tight on me when I first bought it (nicely baggy on me now I am happy to report).

A pic I took when I got to my office later. Obligatory water in the corner 😉

After my little fashion moment it was all go as I headed into work. As much as I love how baggy my clothes have gotten it was nice to wear something that fit and showed off my hard work!

Speaking of hard work.. mostly this week I have been slightly lazy and keeping it simple food wise: egg and celeriac chips…turkey burgers and celeriac chips… (can you detect a theme??).

IMG_4784 IMG_4812

But I decided to branch out a little this week and move away from the chilli flakes- check out my baked egg in a pepper cup and creamy basil chicken recipes that I have added to the site. The basil chicken uses natural yoghurt instead of cream to make it just that little bit richer and I served it with courgette spaghetti (I think this might be the topic of an entirely separate post one day!).

I hope you enjoy- as always feel free to leave feedback or any questions! I have a yummy mousse to enjoy now so here’s to another successful week my lovelies, I hope to update with more happy news next week 🙂

Happy cooking folks!


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