99…… CWP days!

Today was/is DAY 99!!! I actually can’t quite believe I have spent almost 100 days on CWP. But the proof is here- after today’s weigh in, I have now lost a grand total of 59lbs. IMG_4923This week has been a rather lovely week- its been sunny and hot and I didn’t want to die of heat exhaustion (*mini fist pump*), I’ve been preparing for the BigFatIndianWedding™ and everything fits and is in place! Perhaps nicest of all, I have had a few lovely comments from a couple of people who have noticed my weight loss. Obviously I am losing this weight for myself, but no one said you can’t enjoy a compliment or three along the way!

Diet wise, it’s been all about the iced coffee! I went to my local Starbucks (where they know me as Pam…..don’t ask) and just asked for a cold coffee that had no added sauces or powders.

This was what I received     ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓     and by golly it was good! IMG_4916

Also some highlights of my week have included a very yummy chickpea curry served with cucumber and radish salad and some herbed chicken served with courgette ribbons.

                                           IMG_4915 IMG_4920

But of course, I couldn’t leave you lovelies without some new recipes! This week I’ve been experimenting (to be fair every meal is a bit of an experiment, but this time even more so!). A little out of character for me, but I made a (very!) simple fish pie so I could join my dad with his Father’s Day pie. It was the first time I’d made celeriac mash and it is definitely an interesting texture, I’m wondering if a ricer wouldn’t be better than the traditional masher.

Also new in the recipe directory is my vegetarian mini thali, an absolute stonker of a meal, I kept it simple as it was my first time using red lentils whilst on CWP, but I imagine lots of mini dishes can be made to make this truly special and all within plan (obvs)!

Signing off for now, happy cooking folks!

C xx

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