The Cambridge Diet/The Cambridge Weight Plan/The Fat eraser/35 bags of sugar down!

Greetings my lovelies xx

So it’s been a funny old week, had some really terrible headaches over the weekend but generally have been fine. I’m going to put it down to the horrendously wet and cold weather. Getting busy with work stuff and generally just bimbling along!

So, after the 2lb loss from last week, I was richly rewarded for sticking to the plan and not letting my focus waver. I lost a grand total of 5lbs this week! So going back to my previous post, lets do that exercise of adding the previous 3 weeks losses to this weeks: my number is 16lbs in 4 weeks. I’ll take that!

I also promised a full review of the infuser bottle I had ordered last week. I have tested the bottle out but I got to thinking, that to do the Cambridge Weight Plan successfully, there seem to be a few essential products that really help. So with that in mind, I have decided that I will create a mini series of product reviews that I think will help anyone embarking on the plan or anyone improving their health in general.

Unfortunately I can’t abandon the day job so watch this space! Over August you will see a new tab on my home page with some useful links and reviews. If you absolutely cannot wait for my verdict on the bottle (I do like to think you’re all hanging off my every word!) then all I can say is: if you struggle to drink plain water, and want something practical and use natural flavourings, then this may be the product for you 🙂

To make up for the lack of review, here are some new meals to placate you! This week has seen me explode an egg in the microwave- all in the name of easy cooking! I have updated the poached eggs recipe to include the microwave method and if you are careful and ensure you use enough water, it really does work!

Yeah, it shouldn't come out like this. Use enough water and watch your settings!
Yeah, it shouldn’t come out like this. Use enough water and watch your settings!
Aside from the poached egg caper, I’ve also put up a twist on the stuffed turkey burger meal with a spicy burger and a cool cheese dip. I also describe how I sauté courgettes to serve alongside the burgers. Anyone having a pizza craving will enjoy the basil and garlic cheese pizza and to finish I experimented with broccoli, yoghurt and balsamic (not all in one bowl!) to create a lovely chicken salad on broccoli wrap with a yoghurt dressing that has a hint of balsamic.

Keep focussed, keep believing and keep cooking!

C xx

You can’t hurry love…..or weightloss!

Good morning to my lovely subscribers and any one who has discovered my blog 🙂 It’s been a busy week for recipes, life and for generally being rather fabulous daaaarling.

I had my weekly weigh in and lost a respectable 2lbs. Now, coming after last weeks 5lb-er I wasn’t too surprised. But it did make me think about the times I have seen fellow dieters sound disappointed with their losses when it’s been slightly on the lower side. I think it’s very natural to feel slightly sad especially when you begin to compare your weight losses to other people (that’s a slippery slope right there!).

However! To anyone who does feel this way after a weigh in: Do this one thing for me- add the previous three weeks losses to this weeks. What’s your number? My number is 13lbs off in 4 weeks. That 2lb contribution doesn’t seem so tiny now right?

It can be hard to think positively about such a topic, but the one thing I wish for everyone is to change that “Only 2lbs” into “Yes! 2lbs!”.


In other news, I have been a busy little bee online and have ordered a infuser bottle and ‘The Beck Diet Solution’ by Dr Judith S Beck. I will test out the bottle this week and give a full review in next weeks blog. Also watch this space for my review of Dr Beck’s book!

If you have scrolled to the bottom of this post straight away (you better scroll up and read my entry!) to see if there are any new recipes to try this week then “Ta Daaah!” you’ve hit the jackpot today! This weeks theme has been all about the humble chickpea. This is a deliciously versatile source of protein, as demonstrated by this weeks recipes. Check out my chickpea and broccoli mini frittatas for the ultimate portable dinner. If you’re feeling a little chilly, and this being the UK it wouldn’t be surprising, there is a nifty recipe for a hearty chickpea and chicken soup. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve even got dessert sorted- my cakes á la Cambridge page gives you two recipes for Step2 cake- for those days when you just NEED cake! They are rich and dense but I think they taste pretty good considering they are completely on plan recipes!

So that’s me signing out for this week folks, keep cooking, stay motivated and BELIEVE in yourself!!!

C xx

Oh Em Gee !

Well hello there!

Right- down to business! It’s been pretty much 4 months to the day that I started this plan and today I went in to see my darling consultant Karen for my weekly weigh in. So I casually strolled in only to be told the absolutely devastating news that there were no mango flavour shakes for me this week (Melodramatic- moi?). In my fragile state I gingerly stepped onto the scales…


I wanted to run around shouting “Aaaaaargh!!!!”, but I opted to calmly weigh myself again to make sure!

This week had been a mixed bag to be honest, the plan is now just a routine part of my life, but I had a bit of a “Oh my god I have loads left to lose” moment and I’ll be honest it made me panic a little and I instantly thought of junk food and having a day off the plan etc. Normally I would have stuffed the diet and had a cheat day- after all no one would really know right?

Except me. I’m not “no one”. I am someone- and the one thing this plan has shown me is that I exist, I deserve the best and I am damn well going to treat myself to the best!

Er...maybe not the mimosas...
Er…maybe not the mimosas…

So yes, I had a word with myself and just took some time out to relax, take stock and generally be nice to myself! It’s easy to forget how much of a change you really are making in your life, especially when you have a large amount of weight to lose. Also bear in mind that change is gradual, sometimes your mind has to catch up with the physical changes that are occurring.

In conclusion (yes almost done folks..) my message this week is to be nice to the person who is busting their butt to get you to your goal: YOU.

Now that all that sentimental guff is over, I’m off for a lollipop! Don’t forget to check out my new recipes uploaded this week- a very filling cheese omelette and my successful foray into wild sea bass. As ever, I’m always about if you have any questions or comments!

£1 lolly mould + some CWP water flavouring = ZING!
£1 lolly mould + some CWP water flavouring = ZING!

Happy Cooking Lovelies

C xx

55 Hammers down

Good evening my lovely readers!

It feels like such a long time since I last updated this blog when in reality it’s been a mere week. The wedding arrived with much fanfare and everything happened so quickly that I’ve been feeling slightly lost this week!

One of my major motivators for sticking to the plan was this wedding, I wanted to fit into my clothes, look and feel good and have some energy to DANCE! Below you can see my progress- once upon a time these photos simply would not have existed. Sadly, I would have either not attended, or hidden away or just been the one holding the camera. Well not anymore I can tell you!

IMG_5207 IMG_5206IMG_5208

Along with wearing my fabulous outfits, I also ate fabulous meals. I made a conscious decision to stick to the plan over this wedding. I won’t lie and say it was easy peasy- so anyone with a similar event needs to think long and hard about whether they would rather take some time off the plan or be prepared to stick to it.

My secret weapon in being successful was ORGANISATION! I planned every bar, shake and meal. As you may know, Indian weddings are pretty much a week long affair, so it wasn’t just the wedding day that I needed to plan for, it was multiple functions and events.

As a result of being on plan for so long already, I had the confidence to bring my own food and drink and act like it was the most natural thing in the world. Below is a selection of meals that I prepared in advance and brought along to various parties. I also availed of the limitless supply of bottled water 😉


So after the heat, the madness, the dancing and the late nights, weigh day was upon me! I am happy to say that I was richly rewarded for sticking to plan as I had lost 4lbs this week, bringing my grand total to 65lbs lost in 16 weeks!

If that wasn’t enough, I also have two new meal ideas for you to try. The stuffed turkey burger was an idea kindly shared by a fellow CWP’er (IG ashleigh.cwp) and tonights dinner was a lasagne…CWP style!

Hope you enjoy and, as ever, please leave feedback or any questions you may have.

Happy cooking folks!

C xx


Good evening! This is the week! My close friends wedding is upon me and all my outfits fit and are ready to wear!

Today was my 15th weigh in (one day early argh) and, despite the heat and feeling like I was slowly swelling up like the Michelin man, I lost a princely 2lbs.

Now, a while ago, I had set a little personal target of losing 60lbs by this weeks weigh in- total lost so far: 61lbs

 Everything about my attitude, energy levels and general outlook has changed so much- I couldn’t even begin to imagine this feeling when I started.

I’ve been quiet on the recipes and this is a bit of a quickie post but I’m looking forward to trying new dishes out and also having the time to write more. I’ll be sticking to plan and I’ll let you know how I coped next week!

Let the festivities commence and I will see you all on the other side!

C xx