55 Hammers down

Good evening my lovely readers!

It feels like such a long time since I last updated this blog when in reality it’s been a mere week. The wedding arrived with much fanfare and everything happened so quickly that I’ve been feeling slightly lost this week!

One of my major motivators for sticking to the plan was this wedding, I wanted to fit into my clothes, look and feel good and have some energy to DANCE! Below you can see my progress- once upon a time these photos simply would not have existed. Sadly, I would have either not attended, or hidden away or just been the one holding the camera. Well not anymore I can tell you!

IMG_5207 IMG_5206IMG_5208

Along with wearing my fabulous outfits, I also ate fabulous meals. I made a conscious decision to stick to the plan over this wedding. I won’t lie and say it was easy peasy- so anyone with a similar event needs to think long and hard about whether they would rather take some time off the plan or be prepared to stick to it.

My secret weapon in being successful was ORGANISATION! I planned every bar, shake and meal. As you may know, Indian weddings are pretty much a week long affair, so it wasn’t just the wedding day that I needed to plan for, it was multiple functions and events.

As a result of being on plan for so long already, I had the confidence to bring my own food and drink and act like it was the most natural thing in the world. Below is a selection of meals that I prepared in advance and brought along to various parties. I also availed of the limitless supply of bottled water 😉


So after the heat, the madness, the dancing and the late nights, weigh day was upon me! I am happy to say that I was richly rewarded for sticking to plan as I had lost 4lbs this week, bringing my grand total to 65lbs lost in 16 weeks!

If that wasn’t enough, I also have two new meal ideas for you to try. The stuffed turkey burger was an idea kindly shared by a fellow CWP’er (IG ashleigh.cwp) and tonights dinner was a lasagne…CWP style!

Hope you enjoy and, as ever, please leave feedback or any questions you may have.

Happy cooking folks!

C xx

2 thoughts on “55 Hammers down

    1. Hi! Thank you!
      It’s the baked egg recipe- I poured into muffin cases instead of a dish and then once cool they are fine in the fridge for a day- made those two on the Friday to eat over the weekend 🙂

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