Oh Em Gee !

Well hello there!

Right- down to business! It’s been pretty much 4 months to the day that I started this plan and today I went in to see my darling consultant Karen for my weekly weigh in. So I casually strolled in only to be told the absolutely devastating news that there were no mango flavour shakes for me this week (Melodramatic- moi?). In my fragile state I gingerly stepped onto the scales…


I wanted to run around shouting “Aaaaaargh!!!!”, but I opted to calmly weigh myself again to make sure!

This week had been a mixed bag to be honest, the plan is now just a routine part of my life, but I had a bit of a “Oh my god I have loads left to lose” moment and I’ll be honest it made me panic a little and I instantly thought of junk food and having a day off the plan etc. Normally I would have stuffed the diet and had a cheat day- after all no one would really know right?

Except me. I’m not “no one”. I am someone- and the one thing this plan has shown me is that I exist, I deserve the best and I am damn well going to treat myself to the best!

Er...maybe not the mimosas...
Er…maybe not the mimosas…

So yes, I had a word with myself and just took some time out to relax, take stock and generally be nice to myself! It’s easy to forget how much of a change you really are making in your life, especially when you have a large amount of weight to lose. Also bear in mind that change is gradual, sometimes your mind has to catch up with the physical changes that are occurring.

In conclusion (yes almost done folks..) my message this week is to be nice to the person who is busting their butt to get you to your goal: YOU.

Now that all that sentimental guff is over, I’m off for a lollipop! Don’t forget to check out my new recipes uploaded this week- a very filling cheese omelette and my successful foray into wild sea bass. As ever, I’m always about if you have any questions or comments!

£1 lolly mould + some CWP water flavouring = ZING!
£1 lolly mould + some CWP water flavouring = ZING!

Happy Cooking Lovelies

C xx

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