You can’t hurry love…..or weightloss!

Good morning to my lovely subscribers and any one who has discovered my blog 🙂 It’s been a busy week for recipes, life and for generally being rather fabulous daaaarling.

I had my weekly weigh in and lost a respectable 2lbs. Now, coming after last weeks 5lb-er I wasn’t too surprised. But it did make me think about the times I have seen fellow dieters sound disappointed with their losses when it’s been slightly on the lower side. I think it’s very natural to feel slightly sad especially when you begin to compare your weight losses to other people (that’s a slippery slope right there!).

However! To anyone who does feel this way after a weigh in: Do this one thing for me- add the previous three weeks losses to this weeks. What’s your number? My number is 13lbs off in 4 weeks. That 2lb contribution doesn’t seem so tiny now right?

It can be hard to think positively about such a topic, but the one thing I wish for everyone is to change that “Only 2lbs” into “Yes! 2lbs!”.


In other news, I have been a busy little bee online and have ordered a infuser bottle and ‘The Beck Diet Solution’ by Dr Judith S Beck. I will test out the bottle this week and give a full review in next weeks blog. Also watch this space for my review of Dr Beck’s book!

If you have scrolled to the bottom of this post straight away (you better scroll up and read my entry!) to see if there are any new recipes to try this week then “Ta Daaah!” you’ve hit the jackpot today! This weeks theme has been all about the humble chickpea. This is a deliciously versatile source of protein, as demonstrated by this weeks recipes. Check out my chickpea and broccoli mini frittatas for the ultimate portable dinner. If you’re feeling a little chilly, and this being the UK it wouldn’t be surprising, there is a nifty recipe for a hearty chickpea and chicken soup. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve even got dessert sorted- my cakes á la Cambridge page gives you two recipes for Step2 cake- for those days when you just NEED cake! They are rich and dense but I think they taste pretty good considering they are completely on plan recipes!

So that’s me signing out for this week folks, keep cooking, stay motivated and BELIEVE in yourself!!!

C xx

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