The Cambridge Diet/The Cambridge Weight Plan/The Fat eraser/35 bags of sugar down!

Greetings my lovelies xx

So it’s been a funny old week, had some really terrible headaches over the weekend but generally have been fine. I’m going to put it down to the horrendously wet and cold weather. Getting busy with work stuff and generally just bimbling along!

So, after the 2lb loss from last week, I was richly rewarded for sticking to the plan and not letting my focus waver. I lost a grand total of 5lbs this week! So going back to my previous post, lets do that exercise of adding the previous 3 weeks losses to this weeks: my number is 16lbs in 4 weeks. I’ll take that!

I also promised a full review of the infuser bottle I had ordered last week. I have tested the bottle out but I got to thinking, that to do the Cambridge Weight Plan successfully, there seem to be a few essential products that really help. So with that in mind, I have decided that I will create a mini series of product reviews that I think will help anyone embarking on the plan or anyone improving their health in general.

Unfortunately I can’t abandon the day job so watch this space! Over August you will see a new tab on my home page with some useful links and reviews. If you absolutely cannot wait for my verdict on the bottle (I do like to think you’re all hanging off my every word!) then all I can say is: if you struggle to drink plain water, and want something practical and use natural flavourings, then this may be the product for you 🙂

To make up for the lack of review, here are some new meals to placate you! This week has seen me explode an egg in the microwave- all in the name of easy cooking! I have updated the poached eggs recipe to include the microwave method and if you are careful and ensure you use enough water, it really does work!

Yeah, it shouldn't come out like this. Use enough water and watch your settings!
Yeah, it shouldn’t come out like this. Use enough water and watch your settings!
Aside from the poached egg caper, I’ve also put up a twist on the stuffed turkey burger meal with a spicy burger and a cool cheese dip. I also describe how I sauté courgettes to serve alongside the burgers. Anyone having a pizza craving will enjoy the basil and garlic cheese pizza and to finish I experimented with broccoli, yoghurt and balsamic (not all in one bowl!) to create a lovely chicken salad on broccoli wrap with a yoghurt dressing that has a hint of balsamic.

Keep focussed, keep believing and keep cooking!

C xx

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