Practicing what you preach?

Hello my lovely readers and visitors.

So, some of the more eagle eyed amongst you noticed that I missed a post last week. A few things made it hard to post, one of them being a terrible weigh in! Last week…. I…… gained a pound.

This describes my feelings best.
This describes my feelings best.

I was in a mood. I was angry. I was HANGRY. I was upset. I wanted to buy the entire menu at McDonalds. I wanted to cry. I wanted to do a poo and then get re-weighed. I gave myself an hour to sulk and then commanded myself to build a bridge and get over it.

What actually happened is that I stopped bitching about it, and reminded myself that the past 4 weeks had seen a 12lb loss. Which helped.

I know I’d been ill the previous weekend and my routine had gone to pot so I tried to think what I would say to someone in the same situation as me, and then promised myself to take my own advice. So even though the following week was spent slightly subdued, I stuck to it. I felt crap anyway, might as well feel crap whilst on the plan than eat junk and definitely ruin my mood.

I was a woman on the edge.
I was a woman on the edge.

After an unsettling week- I was also house and cat sitting for a friend, which was fine but I never thought I’d miss my own toilet quite so much- I think I did ok- I survived intact and carried on being nice to myself (probably a complete bitch to others but that’s by the by!).

Today was another weigh in, and I am happy to say I lost 4lbs this week. This brings my grand total weight loss to 80lbs. In 21 weeks. How can I feel upset at that?!  It is very easy to say “Don’t let the scales dictate your mood” but it’s extremely hard to live by that. Right now, my main focus is sticking to plan, losing weight and becoming healthy (and slim obvs!). So it was a little galling to feel that my weeks worth of effort was in vain (but the real question is: was it??).

What I learnt from this experience was that IT’S OKAY to feel this way! A feeling is just that- a feeling. It’s not an action. It’s not permanent. Let yourself stew a bit, but for goodness sake do NOT self sabotage. Keep Calm & Carry on indeed.

Now I have had some time to digest and accept that sometimes you just can’t control everything, I felt ready to post. This is an honest account of my personal weight loss journey so I wanted to blog about this properly, but I don’t think I’d have been as rational last week!

If you’re feeling peckish after my little novella, why not check out my new meal: Lahmacun, a type of Turkish style pizza (please please do not send me hate mail for that description!). Obviously, there is no tomato, or dough (or authenticity some may say…) but it did make a pleasant change and was quick and simple.

After being slightly MIA, I’m looking forward to updating the site with new meal ideas and reviews. Keep fighting the good fight and happy cooking!!!

Much love

C xx


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