It’s been a good week

I have news! Great news! Fantastic news!


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you-after 160 days of being on Step2 I received my 6 stone loss badge! 84 flipping lbs! That’s…. almost a person!

This week has been rather lovely in that I’ve also received many compliments about my weight loss. I have generally been feeling positive and just so bloody healthy!

After last weeks super post, I’m keeping it short and sweet for you all (hallelujah) but of course as always, the kitchen has been open and this week I tried two new recipes out. For the veggies and anyone wanting to experiment with new ingredients, why not try the chickpea and lentil burgers– my recipe page shows two ways to serve and both are as yummy as each other. I also realised I hadn’t done a meatballs meal….ever!

Obscenely filling!
Obscenely filling!

So check out the turkey meatballs recipe- herby and spicy and served with a paprika yoghurt sauce to mix it up a bit and keep it interesting.

That’s a wrap for this week folks, keep focussed, enjoy life and never give up!

Happy Cooking!

C xx



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