Interview! 100 Days of Cambridge Weight Plan with Chrissie E!

Well hello there beautiful!

First of all- many thanks to all the new subscribers that have followed this blog. It’s really nice to know that people are actually interested in what I have to say and want to follow new recipes!

This week has seen me mostly at work, it’s been a busy one and I’ve kept it simple with my meals. The cheese omelette and fauxtato salad have both featured- and one night I did the worlds hottest chickpea curry with vegetables (I put a whole red chilli in it… it was obscenely hot for once! Let’s just say it’s a good job I had a decent amount of yoghurt left to eat!).

Before I knew it, weigh day was upon me and I have good news- 3lbs off bringing my grand total loss to 87lbs (or 6stone 3lbs). I celebrated with a Rosemary and Lavender bubble bath and a warm chocolate and fruits of the forest mixed shake (half and half). My life is so rock and roll right now!

I haven’t got any new recipes posted this week but I couldn’t leave you fine people without some yumminess. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I am very excited to introduce you to a fellow CWP-er who is magic in the kitchen and was challenged to create 100 Step 2 meals at the start of her journey with CWP.

The amazing Chrissie has kindly answered some questions and allowed me to share her Pinterest board which contains every meal she has made…

Who inspired you to do ‘100 days’?

When I got back from my initial meeting with my consultant I was prepared to spend the whole journey on nothing but tins of tuna or chicken salad. When I told my friends this, they looked at the food list and challenged me to make something different everyday for 40 days (fully expecting me to crack after the first week). Then when I reached 40 meals my lovely consultant Katie challenged me to continue up to 50. From there it became a long standing joke, at every 10th meal I would say “Just 10 more, ha ha ha!”. 100 meals seemed like a nice number to stop at.

How do you come up with meal ideas?

My meal ideas are usually reliant on what I have in the fridge at the time. I then take the ingredients and decide what I fancy. Sometimes I use recipes I have tried in the past, and amend them for step 2. Although I admit the height of my cooking before CWP consisted of microwave dinners or toast. Other times people have suggested ideas, and I have thrown stuff together and hoped for the best.

What are your top three star ingredients?

My 3 star ingredients:

  1. Chickpeas, these are so versatile, I had never tried them before CWP, but they can be used in so many ways they are a must.
  2. Celeriac, for similar reasons to the chickpeas. I miss chips, and mash so much, but celeriac makes a fairly decent substitute for both.
  3. Chives – I love, love, love chives, they give everything a sweet oniony taste (which helps to make up for the lack of salt in all the dishes) plus they make the plate look pretty!

Could you pick a top 5 of your meals?

5 – Harissa Baked Cod on a bed of Cambridge style colcannon

4 – Tandoori chicken sandwiches

3 – Chicken & Asparagus cheesy roll up

2 – Spinach, Broccoli & Chicken tartlet

1 – Moroccan Chicken Tagine

These were by far my favourites to eat, but I have to give a special thumbs up to my Cambridge style McDonalds which was the most fun to make!

[Ed: And we can see why!]

How has doing the 100 days of different meals helped you on your CWP journey?

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the plan, and I really thought everyday would be a horrendous struggle. However, knowing that I had to find something new to cook each day took my mind off everything else. Having that cooking goal each day helped to keep me focused and determined. Also by sharing them with the CWP  [Facebook support] groups and receiving some lovely feedback from people helped to keep me totally motivated.

How important is meal presentation to you?

I am self confessed OCD-ish, presentation is important (even when I am not sharing the recipes). I like keeping things neat and organised. I tell myself that I do it to make the limited amount of food we are allowed to have look interesting and appealing. (Though it may just be I need a therapist ha ha ha!)

Any words of wisdom/tips on making your recipes?

The biggest piece of advice I would pass on would be “Preparation Is The Key!”

Decide what you are going to make early in the day (before work etc) and have the vital fiddly stuff, like ground chickpeas, or grated cauliflower measured and ready before you go out. Saves so much time later on. Always have lentils and chickpeas in the cupboard, they come in so useful for coatings; make friends with your spice rack …… you are going to be needing it!

Advice from a non food perspective: get rid of your bathroom scales, the only ones that matter are the consultants (although I confess to the odd sneaky peek in the week). Also, if you have any questions ask on the Facebook groups, there are no such things as stupid questions and there is a huge chance that whatever problem you are having, someone on there has had the same at some point. It’s a vital support network!

Thank you so much Chrissie for taking the time to contribute to this weeks blog post. I really do urge you all to browse her Pinterest board and follow for any future updates- I am in actual awe of those meals!!

If you want more information about any of these recipes, feel free to leave a message on Chrissie’s Pinterest board. The Facebook support groups referred to are closed groups on Facebook that are there to help you with your CWP journey. There are many groups available; for those totally focused on the plan search in Facebook for Cambridge 100% Support Group and send a request to join.

That’s a wrap for this week folks, I hope you enjoyed this feature and as always- keep cooking!!

C xx


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