The single lb that nobody ever wants!

Greetings my lovelies,

It’s been a stupendously busy week again for me (I’m not a fan of this regular going to work malark!). It’s crazy how much a break in routine can make you go la-la. Mostly this week I’ve either relied on frozen meals I’d prepared earlier or I have been cooking two portions of protein at a time so that I can save time for food prep when I’m super tired at the end of the day.

It proved to me that preparation really is the key ingredient to be successful- thanks to my advance cooking and the emergency bar I keep in my bag, I stayed 100% on plan. I am sorry to say my water intake suffered slightly though, and this was possibly reinforced by this weeks weigh in.

I lost a grand total of One Pound. I’ll be honest, I lost my shit a little when my consultant Karen told me. I always say a loss is a loss, but for two minutes I was properly miffed. Until I was reminded that I have lost 6 stone 4lbs so far! That one pound has contributed to that! Poor little pound, no one ever seems to want to see it!

So I started to get over it, I had lost weight and inches from my waist and hip. Then Karen reminded me again why she is the best consultant ever! She showed me the tape measure around my thigh at the size it was at our first meeting. Oh. My. God. IMG_6144So yeah….about that one pound loss this week… didn’t seem so catastrophic all of a sudden! If you do ever start to feel like you’re in a rut and not progressing, I strongly urge you to do this exercise- I had forgotten just how BIG I was when I started. Be proud of every pound!!

In my re-inflated mood I decided that dinner would be something extra special! I’d bought a packet of aduki beans a few weeks ago, after searching in 4 other supermarkets for the bleeders! Thursday night was going to be….taco night! This was delicious and so filling! IMG_6155Please note that the salt rim around my sugar free lemonade was for presentation purposes only 😀

Wishing you all successful weeks and happy weigh ins- just keep reminding yourselves that every pound, half inch, quarter inch and ounce matters! Keep cooking and keep thinking positive.

C xx


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