A Cambridge Weight Plan State Of Mind

Good evening my lovelies.

I appear to have had a little unplanned break from the website but fear not, I am still here! Weight wise, I lost 4lbs and then found 3lbs this week via water retention and the curse of the lady plague *die*. Conversely, my measurements still continued to go down which has kept me going.

The last two weeks have been tough. I won’t lie- I was so close to jacking in the plan and just spiralling back into the vicious cycle of futile thoughts and self sabotage. I was tired, distracted, not focussed and honestly not putting the effort in to cook my meals or make sure I was having my products properly.

There were several reasons for these feelings really. The main distracting thought was that I had found a worrying lump and change in my chest. Fortunately I got the all clear from my doctor and also a “Well done” for being vigilant. However, this being me, I had already written my last Will and Testament before my appointment even arrived.

The doctor also explained that after such a big weight loss, things are bound to feel a bit different but was still pleased that I was taking notice and said I had done the right thing. So my little plea for you all is to be aware of the changes in your body but also go get those changes checked if you are even the tiniest bit concerned (applies equally to us ladies and the gents)!

I have mentioned in my previous posts that I’ve been super busy with work, things seem to have gone crazy and my whole routine has been rocked. I have discovered that whilst keeping busy is good- it has come at the cost of my “motivation maintenance”. This has fed into the last niggle- the apparent seven month itch.

It took me a little while, but I finally figured what was happening. I have been doing CWP for so long, it’s just become part of my life and routine. However, what I didn’t realise was that the habits I had established to keep me motivated had lapsed. I had been on the program so long I just started to take my will power for granted. When I got busy with work, I coped initially but then started to struggle a lot after a while. I couldn’t understand why I was finding it so hard to focus and started to feel like I would be on Step 2 forever.

It took a little honesty on my part, and a massive boost of morale from my support network to get my mind focused on what needed to be done. In particular, my wonderful consultant Karen. She listened, and then reminded me of how far I had come (6 stone 8lbs people!!!) and also encouraged me to think of all the things I was doing now that would not have happened six months ago (I knew there was a reason she was my consultant!).

I came away from our last meeting refreshed, and determined to get my head back in the game. For me it means getting back to basics- reminding myself why I want to do this! Below is a pic of a list I made a long time ago. I forgot I had it and as I read it, I realised just how far I had come.


I am so proud to say that I can tick most of these off the list already. How on earth did I let myself believe I wasn’t achieving anything?!

But here’s the rub. We put so much effort in at the start of our journeys. We make the lists, draw up the charts, collage motivational quotes and celebrate each weeks successes.  But when we are in this for the long haul, we need to remember to keep on doing this. The big lesson I have learnt over the past two weeks is that this is a constant discipline. Sticking to the plan is easy physically. But when you stop being your biggest cheerleader and take for granted that you’ll be fine- that’s when you need to have a word with yourself!

My favourite example is of brushing my teeth. You don’t brush your teeth once and then you’re done. You need to do it twice a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums (oh my dentist will be so proud)- why would maintaining the weightloss mindset be any different?

I’m back bitches!!!

C x

3 thoughts on “A Cambridge Weight Plan State Of Mind

  1. Hi all, I too have found an unexplainable lump after loosing over two and a half stone….feeling silly I made an appointment and used my weight loss as ” I’ve lost weight and don’t know what feels right and what feels wrong, as my bust has gone from 38 did to 34 c so can you tell me if this is ok? The nurse was lovely but could not confirm everything was okay…..so I go on Wednesday for tests! We both believe that it is more likely to be fatty tissue or sinue so here’s hoping we are right…even so I agree take note of your changing body and report anything you feel may not be there…see the practise nurse if you don’t feel like seeing your doctor….keep positive with the Cambridge weight plan diet it works…good luck everyone I am no owing maintaining my weight loss, as I never want to put the weight back on xc

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    1. Carron thanks for sharing!! I was a bit hesitant to write about this but it’s really important- most of the time it’s nothing- the doc explained that I have lost fatty tissue so I can feel my glands more.
      ANY change and get it seen to- good luck with the tests- it’s a horrible position when you’re waiting but it’s so good you got yourself checked out.

      I love this diet, it’s not a magic cure all but it gives you everything you need to change your life!!
      All the best xx


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