Gone: 101 lbs. No returns!

It’s been a busy few weeks again- I appear to have slipped into a fortnightly update with you all. Like before, I’ve been crazy with work- but this time I was prepared! I’ve been bimbling along, staying focused and reminding myself of my goal.

Weigh in was after two weeks this time. I swear, every weigh in holds some new excitement and achievement: this week I achieved my century!

IMG_67023lbs down, 101 lbs lost, 7 stone 3lbs gone, 45.8kg vanished!

I can’t even fathom how I was carrying all this weight- as I binged on junk where did I think it was all going?!

Also, because I can’t resist a good comparison pic:


This wasn’t me at my biggest but the dress I’m wearing in the left is so big on me now (from an unflattering and too small size 22) I’ve had to pin it twice so it doesn’t fall open. I think it’s officially retired as of this week! Yes the right hand pic is recent- do excuse the hair!

So life is going well, and I’ve been cooking up some yumminess for you all. Updates on the site include a banging leftovers dish in the form of a chicken and egg hash, my new take on turkey lasagnehummus crusted chicken AND chicken and red lentil stew. Phew! Can you tell it’s getting colder?? If you had to choose one recipe to start with- I highly urge you to make the stew. Hot, filling, and full of smoky flavour- enjoy!

As ever, wishing you all a successful and enjoyable week- keep cooking, and keep on track!

C xx


Thirty Weeks on Cambridge Weight Plan

Greetings my sweets!

I was a little naughty and didn’t get round to posting an update last week so here’s a bumper blog for you all muhahahaaaa!

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit down lately and had been struggling to get in the zone. After my last entry I literally decided I was “restarting” and forced myself to make the time to get in the zone and to recommit to the plan. I acted as though I’d just started and was doing all the things I did at the start to keep myself occupied and to stay focussed.

I’m very excited to say that this approach totally worked! I found my buzz again and fell in love with Step2 all over (yes…I just wrote that phrase…). Over the past two weeks I’ve been feeling better and it has shown on the scales!

Today was my 30th weigh in.. and this happened!!


I’m extremely proud to be able to say that I have now officially lost 7 stone and am in the “overweight” BMI range rather than obese!

My little funk also prompted me to look at what I’ve been up to recently- things that in no way would have happened prior to starting CWP!

  • THEME PARKS!!! Yes! I went to Alton Towers, went on all the rides, didn’t get stuck, didn’t have to do the walk of shame and had a fabulous time. I also walked everywhere without wanting to die. You can see me here with some fellow slimmers who are also looking rather fabulous. IMG_6306
  • BLACK TIE FORMAL! My best friend and I attended her company ball- between us we have lost 12 stones so far (OH MY GOD). I think we looked pretty good!

IMG_6253-1 IMG_6258-0

  • DRESSES! It’s been lovely to finally fit into some old work dresses of mine, it’s always been one of my goals to get back into them- this one is a favourite and so nice and warm! IMG_6318-0It’s so important to remind yourself of how far you have come- we start doing things we never would have dreamt of doing before losing weight or adopting a new attitude. Reaching this milestone made me look back and celebrate things that most of us will take for granted – and it certainly felt ‘normal’ when doing it- but you know what- you should still tell yourself

“Bloody Well Done!”

While we are on the subject of doing new things- I must say a big thank you! As of right now I have 109 subscribers to my blog and many daily visitors- this is something I never even thought possible- the fact I have created a website, published content and have people who actively want to listen to me is something pretty cool!

I must sign off, but I know you know I’ve been holding out on you guys! The cherry on this weeks post – THREE new meals for your perusal and delight. Try my Indian style scrambled eggs for a speedy but tasty dinner, or for a portable lunch (or even some healthy party foods) have a mooch at the hummus and cottage cheese dips. For anyone fancying a meat free Monday, check out the bean burgers– so filling and packed with flavour- Step 2 heaven!

Wishing you all a fabulous week and lots of yummy cooking,

C xx