Gone: 101 lbs. No returns!

It’s been a busy few weeks again- I appear to have slipped into a fortnightly update with you all. Like before, I’ve been crazy with work- but this time I was prepared! I’ve been bimbling along, staying focused and reminding myself of my goal.

Weigh in was after two weeks this time. I swear, every weigh in holds some new excitement and achievement: this week I achieved my century!

IMG_67023lbs down, 101 lbs lost, 7 stone 3lbs gone, 45.8kg vanished!

I can’t even fathom how I was carrying all this weight- as I binged on junk where did I think it was all going?!

Also, because I can’t resist a good comparison pic:


This wasn’t me at my biggest but the dress I’m wearing in the left is so big on me now (from an unflattering and too small size 22) I’ve had to pin it twice so it doesn’t fall open. I think it’s officially retired as of this week! Yes the right hand pic is recent- do excuse the hair!

So life is going well, and I’ve been cooking up some yumminess for you all. Updates on the site include a banging leftovers dish in the form of a chicken and egg hash, my new take on turkey lasagnehummus crusted chicken AND chicken and red lentil stew. Phew! Can you tell it’s getting colder?? If you had to choose one recipe to start with- I highly urge you to make the stew. Hot, filling, and full of smoky flavour- enjoy!

As ever, wishing you all a successful and enjoyable week- keep cooking, and keep on track!

C xx


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