Tears and Pooping Before Las Vegas

Hello hello hello!

Hope you haven’t been missing me too much! It’s been a rather eventful few weeks. The past few weeks have been a bit up and down to be honest. Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

So, it all started when I wasn’t paying attention to my nightly meals. I managed to eat eggs for four nights in a row. This was my biggest mistake. Cue some EPIC constipation (look, I gave enough clues in the blog title!). Cutting to the chase- I gained 9lbs in one week! cookiemonsterwth

I’ll be honest, I felt too ill to even care. I needed something, anything, a bomb up my bum preferably. My lovely consultant Karen reassured me it was the eggs and nothing more sinister. I agreed to take some drastic action to clear the blockage and then take the CWP fibre on a regular (hehe) basis. Eventually things went back to normal, but it was pretty rough for a while I must say. Luckily I lost those 9lbs over the next two weeks and for now I am back to where I was prior to the incident.

In other news, I am off to the most fabulous Las Vegas in a few days!! In preparation for this, I have been on Step3 for the last 10 days. It’s been pretty fun- I have created a specific page to show what I’ve been eating over the last week or so. Here you can see how I’ve adapted my Step 2 meals to Step 3- simply add in the carbohydrate portion.

Hopefully you won’t be too devastated by my absence- but I feel like I’ve earnt this break! I’m signing off for now and will see you all in December!

Happy Cooking and Successful Slimming! xx