Gains in Vegas never stay in Vegas 

Hi folks!! 

I’ve been rather bad at blogging recently- I returned from the best (and not half as long as it should have been) trip ever! 

A few holiday snaps that I wanted to share with you- sunrise in the Grand Canyon and a wine tour in Napa Valley- it’s so weird to think I had booked all this before I had even thought about calling Karen, yet all of this would have been practically impossible if I had stayed the weight I was. 

I’ll cut to the chase- I had an extremely indulgent holiday, 4 different locations including a Thankgiving celebration- you know it wasn’t exactly a health spa type of break! When I got back I didn’t need to step on the scales to know that I had gained. I could feel my body getting sluggish, clothes were tighter and I could see the double chin had arrived for a visit. I also knew how much I had eaten and drunk! 

  It was still a wee shock though when I saw Karen. After 3 weeks, I had gained 29 lbs. Yes. That’s right. I know we are all different, and I am the person who gained 9lbs in a week just from constipation! But yeah- that wasn’t a good number to come back to. 

Was it worth it? Pretty much yeah! It was bloody fantastic! But I did learn a few lessons about what I see as “treats” and how I need to work on knowing when I am full. I also need to remind myself that the food isn’t going to run out anytime soon!! 

So, I get back. I’m raring to get back on Step 2. I wanna lose the holiday bloat and get back to business. I begin. And struggle. And start feeling bad. 

What is it about food and dieting that gets us feeling so crappy and guilty all the time?! 

My first week was a bit of a washout. I was jet lagged, not ready and just unprepared. I was also really surprised at this for some reason! But you know what- shit happens. This is what Plan B is made for. I stopped. Took a breath. Karen reassured me I wasn’t a total failure and we set a date. 

That date was 12th December 2015 and I am happy to report that I’m back on track! 

I’m reconnecting with my meals, getting my routine back and seeing where the holiday period takes me! Sending you all lots of love and encouragement as I know December is always a bit of a hard month to get through- but we can do it! And even if you struggle- it’s fine. Do what you can, be kind to yourself, and never give up! 


2 thoughts on “Gains in Vegas never stay in Vegas 

  1. You look sooo trim on that photo with the barrel. Wow!

    Glad to hear you’re back on track. Hope I have some of your willpower on 2nd January when I “return” from my Christmas & New Year break xx


    1. Awe thanks- possibly the barrel is flattering me?!? But seriously I felt and looked great- the fact I demanded my photo to be taken said it all for me!
      Enjoy your break however you plan to- it took me longer than I expected to get back on track but you just have to keep trying! Don’t worry about it- leave that for 2016!! Xx

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