2016- are you ready for me?

Greetings and Happy New Year my lovely readers!

There has been some radio silence from me lately, for which I am sorry. I am still here and happy to say I’m back on plan and in the swing of things!

I’ve been enjoying my recipes once more and I do have some new meal ideas and serving suggestions in development! My hero vegetable this week has been celeriac- I’ve been singing its praises to anyone and everyone! Normally I would chop up and freeze my celeriac to keep it fresh and ready to cook, but this week the freezer decided to have a wobble and so I had a whole celeriac rolling around the fridge!

I was making chickpea curry one night and I was thinking about Indian food (what’s new..) and in particular about the dish “aloo tikki” which is a North Indian dish of spiced mashed potatoes that are coated in a gram flour batter and deep fried (sorry!). What I did was boil and mash my 80g of celeriac- seasoned with a pinch of cumin seeds and garam masala- I formed little patties and browned each side in a hot pan. They were almost like spicy potato cakes.


Excuse this picture- you do get more than those two little patties, I had left my dinner unattended and my lovely auntie decided to take a bite argh!

Keeping with the celeriac theme, I also thinly sliced my celeriac and sautéed them- they went beautifully with my cheese omelette and were a decent riff on celeriac crisps without the trauma of accidentally burning them (yes there is a story behind that!).



This week saw my second weigh in with Karen for 2016 and I had high hopes to be honest. The past week I’ve felt stronger, healthier and less puffy. My clothes have also started to fit better. So it was with some excitement when I stepped up onto the scales. I waited. They were having a think. Another second passed (felt more like a minute).

And the second worst phrase any dieter wants to hear: “You’ve stayed the same”.


I was the exact same weight as I had been the previous week. Almost to the sodding ounce!

Karen was at a loss. So was I. I hadn’t done anything differently in the previous week- I was eating and drinking the same things as previously so staying the same was a puzzle. I got some better news when we took my measurements- overall one inch off. So I guess that’s better than a kick in the teeth no??

The past few weeks have been a struggle to be honest. From the previous Christmas weigh in to my first one last week I had gained 7lbs. This included nearly a full week back on plan. So in reality I knew I had gained a lot more but had lost a little chunk of that before I saw Karen.

So what does this mean in terms of real time numbers? It means I have gained 36lbs overall in the last 8 weeks. Not brilliant, but not the end of the world either. It does bring it home that 8 weeks of reckless eating and drinking can undo nearly 12 weeks of hard work. I’m not particularly proud of the gain, but I am determined that it isn’t going to derail the ultimate goal I have in mind. I will lose this weight and carry on with my journey. I will also remember how I felt at this point in time when I next go on holiday!!

There is a fine line between accountability and being too self critical. I wanted to post the truth on here to show the reality of dieting and not dieting. I also wanted it on record for myself- as a way of being accountable and to not to hide behind excuses or to pretend it hasn’t happened. But I am not going to make myself feel bad and want to give up and then let it all spiral back out of control. That’s just not how I roll these days.

I’ve felt a little “at sea” recently, but my focus has returned. I found myself bargaining with myself today- ‘one day off plan won’t hurt’ etc. I actually got to the point where I flipped a coin- heads I stay on plan and tails I have a cheat meal.

The coin read tails. Instantly I was torn, and at that moment I knew my mojo was back.

I put the coin away and made my lunchtime Cambridge Weight Plan product.


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