Cambridge Weight Plan v2.0 

So hey there! I feel I always need to start my posts with an assurance that I’m still alive and well- this obviously means I don’t post enough right?

I’ve been silent because I’ve not had much to post. No progress reports, no new recipes. I have been hiding away still in my own little world.

Following on my previous blog post, I have spent time doing a lot of things:

  • thinking
  • reading
  • sleeping
  • eating

The past few months have seen me totally regress back to using coping mechanisms I am desperate to replace with healthier habits. I won’t lie- I have been comfort eating in such a big way that I have gained the majority of the weight I had lost last year.

It took me a while to figure out why I was doing it and it’s never one straightforward reason but I’ll list a few things here- just a little brainstorm- maybe you will read this and think “Yes, me too!”, or maybe you’ll just think “I’m unsubscribing now!”

  • Fear– the fear of losing weight and what it means- What if I lose weight, become super skinny and am still crap at life? I’ll have just confirmed that I’m just a failure at life!
  • Resignation– I’ve gained a chunk of weight, I’m always going to be the fat person, who am I kidding I might as well just stay fat.
  • Security–  my fat is my physical comfort blanket and armour.
  • Comfort– I still have some toxic friendships/relationships in my life that I didn’t actually see as being toxic. In my own way I’ve just been comfort eating because it’s been bothering me a lot.
  • Laze – in the words of my hangry mum “Sod the diet”. Mate, I like food. I like the taste, the feel, the smell, the nice warm feeling I get when I eat something. So it’s HARD to do this diet. And sometimes I have really not had the inclination.

The toxic relationship aspect was a new revelation- I have worked really hard to get rid of negative people in my life, and the realisation that there were still a few lurkers was surprising as it wasn’t the people I thought it would be! It’s given me a fresh perspective on how I handle the situation and how to ‘protect’ myself from it and not let it affect me. Sometimes you can’t just erase something from your life, but once you know what you’re dealing with, it makes it a whole lot easier to handle.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately- working, thinking and getting FAAAAT.

Last year, I started this blog a few months into my weightloss journey- and today, I am starting over. My amazing consultant has been there for me- listening, scolding, supporting! And last week she said the thing that made me really REALLY focus:

Bring me back your rosettes


Readers- my face was a picture. I felt like we were in a cop movie when the Captain says “I need your badge and your weapon!”

So this week I returned my rosettes. I need to earn them again, we are starting over- new card, new starting weight.

And I am happy to report that my first entry was a 2lb loss and 5 and 3/4 inches lost!

Lets get cooking again- and don’t forget to check my instagram @charliekilosugar where I try to post my meal for the day on a regular basis.

Thank you so much if you got to the end of this post and a big thank you for sticking with me! The journey is never ever straightforward is it!

C xx



11 thoughts on “Cambridge Weight Plan v2.0 

  1. Hi there
    I wondered where you were!
    your blogs have been great and an inspiration to so many people. Your recipes we have all tried and relied on.
    Life gives us crap at times and we feel we are a failure but you are not, just human.We all think that once we have lost weight it will be ok but that is just the start of the journey!. It will be for life I am afraid.
    I am with you and here for support. I am still struggling at times and it does not take much to lapse.
    be strong and good luck. let us know how you get on x

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  2. Thankyou for your brutally honest post😳😳 you have just described me to a ‘T’. I am fortunate enough that I have only put a couple of Lb on but you have made me stop and reasses what I am doing. It’s called self destruction – the fear of letting go of the comfort blanket and actually believing that you are worthy in your own right. You can do this for yourself and bugger the rest of them 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. Awe thanks for your lovely comment. I can’t lie about this- especially when you can see me haha but it’s helped a lot to just write it down and take some accountability for it.
      It’s life, and I’m still here and still fighting!!
      Good luck for getting back on track my love – we will BOTH do it xxx


  3. I too have slipped and trying to loose just under a stone that I have put back on but have kept the other stone off,,,,so that’s positive. So glad to see you back as started using your receipts again,,, good luck xc


  4. Hi Chanden,

    I was delighted to see an email in my inbox saying that you had uploaded a new post. I was actually going to message you and be like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WOMAN?!

    Falling of the bandwagon can happen – like you said, we’re all human, and it takes years of hard work and determination to counter many years of bad habits around food. It’s even harder when you have negative energy coming from people who you thought care about you – sometimes people don’t even realise that what they’re saying is discouraging. Being on this diet requires a lot of mental concentration, and I have realised on my journey as I have lost weight – there are people out there who are jealous and not happy about my success, even close friends and family. There are always going to be haters out there but you just have to ignore them or not confide in them. It’s not about them and don’t ever lose sight of that.

    When I started this diet your blog posts helped me so much! So much so that I started blogging about my journey. You have inspired a lot of people and it’s really good to see you back on track. You know what this diet can do for you, you’ve done it already.

    Keep going XXX Stay strong XXX


    1. Hi!! Thank you for your lovely message!! I was conscious that it was getting longer and longer since I had posted- which also meant I wasn’t doing very well haha!
      I’ve definitely learnt about the haters- even people who I thought were supporting me on this journey- not as supportive as friends really.
      Hope you are doing well? I’ve subscribed to you so I’m going to have a good mooch around! Xx

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    2. I am doing ok – just one stone to go till i get to target and am on Step 3 and find myself picking at food constantly which is not on the plan which is holding me back (like tonight I have massively overeaten). I get angry at myself. Tomorrow is a new day and my plan is to be 100% on it. I gained a pound this week (serves me right really) and I need to get my head back in the game. I feel so close yet so far and it’s just a bit frustrating – I just really want to hit target so badly!

      Thanks for the subscribe. I have two posts on CWP that I’ve written and am currently working on my third:


      enjoy xx


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