Good evening! This is the week! My close friends wedding is upon me and all my outfits fit and are ready to wear!

Today was my 15th weigh in (one day early argh) and, despite the heat and feeling like I was slowly swelling up like the Michelin man, I lost a princely 2lbs.

Now, a while ago, I had set a little personal target of losing 60lbs by this weeks weigh in- total lost so far: 61lbs

 Everything about my attitude, energy levels and general outlook has changed so much- I couldn’t even begin to imagine this feeling when I started.

I’ve been quiet on the recipes and this is a bit of a quickie post but I’m looking forward to trying new dishes out and also having the time to write more. I’ll be sticking to plan and I’ll let you know how I coped next week!

Let the festivities commence and I will see you all on the other side!

C xx