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This way for yummies…

Since I am on Step 2 of the Cambridge Weight Plan I have a strict allowance of protein and vegetables for my one daily meal. I am also slightly obsessed with food (hint: this may be one of the reasons I need to do this diet….) I’ve been having a blast in my kitchen to create some tasty meals and recreate some old favourites of mine.

Disclaimer: These recipes have been compiled based on my own meals and I have tried to ensure that I have used all correct measurements and allowances but I cannot guarantee that these are 100% on plan recipes and please do not assume that they are.

Disclosure: A note on my cooking methods: I do use Fry Light 1 Cal Spray in my cooking, fresh chilli, and garlic and ginger pastes. All these meals can be made using water/lemon juice in place of the spray, chilli flakes or powder in place of fresh chilli, and using garlic granules and ginger powder in place of the pastes.

I use a ceramic frying pan which means less oil/fats need to be used but a non-stick should work just as well.

All oven settings are for a fan oven, please adjust your temperatures accordingly.

I do use fat free natural yoghurt to make dips and dressings and these are taken from the daily milk allowance for Step 2. If you are adjusting these recipes for any other step or diet please bear this in mind.

These meals are by no means an exhaustive list- due to personal preference I do not have many fish/Quorn/mushroom based dishes.

Most of these recipes can be adjusted to your own personal tastes regarding vegetables and protein source- just let them be a guide to creating your own varied healthy menu.

Note: Whilst I have taken every precaution to ensure that all recipes work and are safe for consumption (I’m still alive…) please please PLEASE ensure all your food is cooked through before eating- I am NOT responsible for any adverse reactions as a result of undercooked food or incorrectly prepared meals. If you see any glaring errors please comment below!

Now that we have taken care of the formalities…please click and enjoy!

© Chanden/ charliekilosugar 2015. Original content please do not reproduce.

5 thoughts on “My Recipes

  1. Hi i’ve seen some of your recepies on the support page but couldn’t keep up, this a brilliant idea, saw the cauli and turkey one but then coudn’t find it. its very nice of you to do this xx

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  2. Hello. I just wanted to say thank you! Just started on plan, Step 2 and finding your blog I know is going to make my journey so much more enjoyable. Bless you. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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