Cheese Omelette

Yes you read that correctly- CHEESE OMELETTE! You also know that the cheese will be cottage cheese! This was so filling, much more so than a regular 2 egg job. I didn’t have much in the fridge so used my trusty frozen spinach leaves. Substitute for anything you wish.


  1. Whisk one large egg and season with black pepper and chives.
  2. In a separate bowl mix in half your cottage cheese allowance (162g) with black pepper, chives, Italian herbs, parsley, garlic granules and a tiny sprinkle of rosemary.
  3. Heat a small frying pan with some fry light and then pour the egg in and swirl so that the entire base is coated.
  4. When the bottom is set, line half of the omelette with 20g spinach leaves and spoon the cheese mixture on top.
  5. Fold over, press gently and warm through.
  6. Serve with your remaining veg allowance (I used 60g leaves).

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