Chicken and Aduki Bean taco bowl

Fear not my dearest chums- you don’t have to say goodbye to Taco Tuesday whilst on CWP! This recipe uses two proteins so the proportions of chicken to aduki beans and cauliflower to lettuce depends on how much of each you use. I’ve given the weights I happened to use the day I cooked this.

I cooked my chicken and beans in advance so preparation time was kept to a minimum in the evening. If you have dried aduki beans, you could always boil a batch in one go and freeze to use later- just remember they double in weight when cooked.

The sugar free (and alcohol free) “margarita” (lemonade) is optional!


  1. Cook 210g of chicken breast seasoned with lemon juice, cumin powder, garlic granules, chilli flakes, smoked paprika, black pepper and coriander leaf. Cover with foil and bake for 25mins at 200c. Once cooled shred chicken with two forks.
  2. Prepare 12g dried weight of aduki beans as per packet instructions (these double in weight if using pre-prepared tinned beans).
  3. Grate 60g cauliflower and put in a hot pan that has been sprayed with fry light. Quickly brown and then turn the heat low. Add the shredded chicken and aduki beans. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and water- enough to cover the base of the pan by half inch max.
  4. Cook on low so the chicken and beans heat through thoroughly (especially if chicken and beans were prepared earlier). Increase the heat to cook off the water. Add in any additional chilli to taste. Sprinkle coriander and stir through.
  5. Serve over 20g of gem lettuce leaves and add a spoon of natural yoghurt from your dairy allowance.

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