Chilli Chicken and Egg Hash

This is fabulous for those leftover bits of veg in the back of the fridge.
Generally I would use half chicken allowance 122g and one large egg. However tonight I was using up leftovers so I used 2 medium eggs and 50g chicken. You can use any 80g combination of green veg- peppers, spring onion, courgette, cabbage, spinach etc.


  1. Begin to fry off one clove of garlic in a non stick pan with a light spray of frylight. Add in finely chopped chicken and some lemon juice.
  2. When chicken is white all over add in your chopped veggies and one small finely sliced green chilli. Begin to cook off and add in some smoked paprika.
  3. Cook until thoroughly cooked and getting crispy. 
  4. Add in about 30ml water to deglaze the pan of any sticky bits, and to get the mix slightly wet- you want enough moisture to create steam but not a lake!
  5. Crack in an egg atop the hash and cover.
  6. Leave the pan for 4-5 mins until whites are set.
  7. Slide onto a plate, season with black pepper and coriander.

Optionally serve with a spoon of plain yoghurt from your dairy allowance.

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