Sautéed courgettes with spicy burgers and cheese dip

A slight variation on the stuffed turkey burger recipe, this involves pan frying the burgers and serving the cheese at room temperature. This recipe gives a bit more cheese and goes superbly with the sautéed courgettes.


  1. I used an 80/20 split of my protein allowance so made up spicy turkey burgers using 196g turkey breast mince and 65g of fat free cottage cheese.
  2. Combine your mince with desired seasonings and shape into patties ready to cook.
  3. Mix the cottage cheese in with garlic granules, chives and black pepper. Use the back of the spoon to mash down as you mix to achieve a slightly smoother dip. I didn’t use a processor as I wasn’t sure if it would stay firm.
  4. Heat a ceramic pan and begin to pan fry your burgers.
  5. Heat a separate pan with a little frylight and ensure the pan is very hot. Add in 70g of chopped courgette discs and let sizzle. Cook for one minute on each side.
  6. When burgers are done, place on a plate with 10g leaves, the courgettes and spoon the cheese dip on the side.

You could also griddle the courgettes as discs or ribbons, unfortunately I don’t own one so can’t show off any flashy grill marks (yet!).

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