Smokey cheese quiche on a celeriac rosti base.

I’ve started to experiment with cottage cheese on this diet and thought it was rather a shame we couldn’t have a crust with our quiche. The rosti base adds another dimension to the flavour but if you want a super crispy base I would suggest cooking the base and filling separately and assembling before serving.


  1. Grate 75g celeriac and squeeze out any excess water. Mix with black pepper and press into a small pie dish (I greased mine with frylight).
  2. Bake at 200c for 10-12 mins to crisp up.
  3. Meanwhile combine 1 egg, 160g low fat cottage cheese and smoked paprika (be generous for the flavour!!) Italian herbs, garlic granules, black pepper, chives and blitz up- I actually used my Breville blend active for this and it worked rather well.
  4. Pour the cheese and egg mixture into the pie dish and bake for a further 20mins – it may take a few minutes longer if the top is not entirely set.
  5. Serve in the dish with 5g salad leaves or if you’re feeling brave slide it out onto the plate.

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