Stuffed Turkey Burger

This recipe idea is courtesy of the lovely Ashleigh who has kindly allowed me to feature this on my site. A twist to the regular turkey burger, this has a secret centre of creamy cottage cheese. I chose to make mine with celeriac chips and a fried egg but you could always make two burgers and have with Portobello mushrooms or a green salad. If you would like to see more of Ashleigh’s meal ideas, follow her on Instagram: ashleigh.cwp


  1. Split your protein allowances between 1 egg, 100g turkey breast mince and 40g cottage cheese.
  2. Season the turkey mince to taste (any herbs of your choice- I use Italian herbs, garlic granules, chillies and smoked paprika), and in a separate bowl add some basil and garlic granules to the cottage cheese.
  3. Place the turkey mince into the palm of your hand and flatten. Place all the cottage cheese mix into the centre and then bring the turkey over the sides to close over into a ball. If you find your cheese is too soft, you may want to chill it before hand to keep it firmer (15 mins in the freezer).
  4. Press down gently into a burger shape and place on a baking tray with your seasoned celeriac chips and bake at 180c for 20mins.
  5. A few minutes before the burger and chips are done, fry an egg in a ceramic pan and serve together.

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© Chanden/charliekilosugar 2015. Original content please do not reproduce. Full credit for recipe idea goes to Ashleigh (IG ashleigh.cwp)

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