Turkey steak fajitas

The best tip I got was to look at the packets of favourite seasonings, pick out the main herbs and spices and mix your own- I was craving Mexican food and had a gander at the fajita seasonings- naturally all full of salt! Below is my homemade spice mix- you could make up a larger quantity in a jar and have it to hand when cooking.


  1. Cut up 245g turkey breast into strips (can substitute for chicken if desired).
  2. Begin to cook in a hot ceramic pan (frylight and lemon juice, you know the drill…)
  3. Add in ground cumin, smoked paprika, garlic granules and some chilli powder.
  4. Begin to fry off the pieces and add in 15g of green pepper sliced lengthways.
  5. You will get a lovely smoky aroma and once cooked, place in romaine lettuce leaves (the ‘wraps’) and top with some yoghurt sauce (garlic granules and smoked paprika mixed in with natural yoghurt) as the ‘sour cream’.

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